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CPAP & CPAP Alternatives

Sleep Soundly With CPAP Therapy For Sleep Apnea


Use the resources below to help make CPAP therapy for sleep apnea a more positive experience for you.


What Is CPAP Therapy?

Also known as PAP therapy, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy provides you with pressurized ambient air delivered through the tubing and mask delivery system.


CPAP Adherence Success

Helpful Hints for CPAP Adherence Success If you are having difficulty tolerating CPAP, try the following steps to help to get used to it.


Hello Sleep

Newly diagnosed with sleep apnea? You’re not alone. HelloSleep™ is here to help you understand what’s next.


• Learn more about sleep apnea and your diagnosis

• Understand the benefits of treatment and how it works

• Get questions to ask and checklists to help prepare for office visits


CPAP Equipment & Supplies

Ready to hear about the next steps?


You’ll first need to meet with our sleep specialist Dr. Clerk to determine if you have OSA. 

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